KARACHI - Pakistan’s state-of-art technology for preserving fresh fruit has been highly recognised by Australian authorities and the country has been given green signal to export mangoes to different cities of Australia from this week.

The breakthrough of getting access to Australian market has been witnessed significant as Indian and American traders failed to be allowed to export their mangoes to Australia so far because of absence of technology for supplying fresh and bacteria free mangoes.

Pakistani companies have been allowed to export 2,000 tons of mangoes to Australia per annum after processing consignments with hot water technology provided by Durrani Associates, the only processing plant of its kind in Pakistan and worldwide.

The Australians authorities inspected and examined technology of processing mangoes by Pakistani company this year which uses a unique research-based method to enhance shelve lives of mangoes by an amazing 40 days.

At present only one company, Durrani Associates, processing and trading company, has given licence to export mangoes to Australia but exporters will be given access to same markets after processing their consignment with Durrani Associates. The exports of Pakistani mangoes will flourish in Australia by leaps and bound in the next two to three years once Pakistani mangoes are tasted in market from next week because of its delicious taste and aroma, A Q Khani Durrani, CEO of Durrani Associates said.

The foreign exchange earnings will be increased gradually through exports of mangoes because the price of mangoes is much higher in Australia than the traditional exports markets of Middle East and Gulf countries. He further stated that Pakistanis mangoes 5-kg pack will be available at $23 in Australia which is being sold in Dubai at $7 per 5-kg pack.

The prices of mangoes will be kept low for Australian market to compete with different countries. We are focusing to penetrate different cities of Australia through distribution networks so the export to high valued country could be enhanced to double or more in the period of next two to three years, he further said.

Australia itself produces mangoes however it imports of 20,000 ton of mangoes from different countries in the off-season period to meet the local demand.