LAHORE - A teen girl ended her life by taking poisonous pills at college in Factory Area, police said on Thursday. Nineteen-year-old Kalsoom was rushed to the Services Hospital after she fainted in classroom, the college administration told the police. 

Investigators believed the girl took poisonous pills at the college on Walton Road.

The hospital sources said the doctors tried their best to save her but they got failed and cited poisonous pills the reason of death.

Parents of Kalsoom refused to undergo autopsy, the police said, adding the parents said the girl was a life-lover.

A police sources quoted her mother as saying: “She can’t do this. We don’t believe that she committed suicide.” Factory Area cop Muhammad Mannan said the parents of decedent declined to initiate any action. Hence, the police investigators termed the death ‘accidental’.

The college management and students were shocked by the death. “She was a brilliant student. We don’t believe she ended her life,” Principal Mrs Mirza Masood told reporters. 

driveby shooting

Motorcyclists gunned down an ex-councilor in front of his house in Shahdara, police said on Thursday. The police believed that the second marriage of the decedent could be the motive behind the killing.

Father-of-four Afzal Chaudhry was leaving his house on Lajput Road when unidentified motorcyclists attacked him, wounded him critically. He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Brother of deceased Muhammad Aslam told the police that Afzal had a dispute with the ex of his second wife Bano. The police have registered the case and are investigating.