Nankana DPO Syed Muntazir Mehdi has directed the police officials to resolves people problems by improving service delivery and expedite swoop on criminals to ensure eradication crime.

He said that protection of life and property of citizens was the foremost obligation of the police and strenuous effort would be made to purge the district of crime.

He expressed these views during a meeting of SHOs across the district here the other day.

He said that to achieve the goal, the police should go ahead with friendly hands towards the public for ensuring smooth provision of justice to the poor, needy and oppressed people.  He vowed to purge the police of corrupt and negligent officials, saying there was no room for black sheep in the police in police station. The DPO said that there should be people-friendly environment so that people could frankly talk about their problems.

Later, talking to the media, he said that the police arrested 254 outlaws during month-long operation against anti-stat elements.

He said that crimes like gambling, prostitution and drug peddling had reduced to a great extent in the district.

He claimed that active mutual cooperation between the police and public was vital for curbing the menace of culture crime. He said that the elimination of corruption and touts was the top priority and the asked the police officials to adopt leniency, morality and good attitude towards oppressed people.