ISLAMABAD  - The Supreme Court on Thursday directed the Frontier Constabulary Khyber Pukhtunkhawa to produce a young boy, Mustafa Azam, allegedly in the custody of FC Peshawar.

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry hearing the missing persons case also summoned a former FC commandant Peshawar, who was posted in the city at the time when an incident of bomb blast had taken place in front of a local hotel in Hayatabad in 2009 and in which boy was arrested.

Lt-Col Hamid Sultan, who appeared on behalf of FC Headquarters Peshawar, admitted that the FC men arrested the boy from the site of incident as he was making a movie of the blast with his mobile phone. He said in the photographs, submitted before the court, the boy with the police and FC personnel was not Mustafa Azam, but Hamza Javed Qazi.

However, Azam Khan, father of the missing person, who had submitted the pictures, claimed that the boy in the photo was his son Mustafa Azam. He said that his son was studying in Pak-Turkish school, adding since 2007 he had been missing. Azam told that in 2007 his son was kept in juvenile jail, Karachi, but unaware how he was shifted to Peshawar where the police involved him in the bomb blast at Hayatabad.

Sub-Inspector Bashir Dad, who in one of the photos holding hands of the boy, on the court direction appeared before the bench. He informed that he talked to the boy in Pashto, asking him not to go from this place blast. He further informed that he had recorded his statement before the Inquiry Commission on Enforced Disappeared Persons. Lt-Col Hamid Sultan further informed that the boy was briefly detained by the FC men but later released. Justice Jawwad S Khawaja inquired whether the police got his thumb impression or signature before the release. The court asked the Colonel to produce the boy and they would see whether he is Hamza Javed or Mustafa Azam, adding according to the forensic report the boy in picture 80 per cent is Mustafa Azam. Hamza Javed along with his sister Tehmina on 7th May 2013 had appeared before a three-member headed Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, but the court did not find close resemblance of Hamza with the boy in the photographs. The case is adjourned till September 10.