Selena Gomez sticks to the straight and narrow. The 21-year-old singer-and-actress portrays an unruly character in her new crime thriller Getaway, but she can’t recall ever going through a disobedient phase growing up.

“I hope I am [still in my youth],” she told America’s OK! magazine during a press conference for the film.

“I don’t know… I stole a Chapstick when I was seven.”

Selena’s character wields a gun in the movie and the star says she felt like “a bad a*s” while carrying the weapon.

In Getaway Selena rides in a car with actor Ethan Hawke in a high speed hunt for his character’s kidnapped wife.

Selena loved riding in the car, but she doesn’t know enough about them to care about what she drives herself.

“What’s that?” she joked. “You said vehicle! I’d take my son in a jet.”

Getaway will be released in August and Selena’s summer work schedule will be a busy one.

The songstress underwent intensive rehearsals at the start of the season for her Stars Dance Tour, which kicked off in Vancouver, Canada.

The Stars Dance Tour will travel through the US and Europe before heading back to North America, where it ends in St. Louis on November 27.

Selena recently explained she hopes fans will be blown away by the stage show.

“I want them to non-stop dance, because that’s what I grew up watching in the nose bleeds going to every Britney show still wanting to this day to learn her dance moves because they are so epic, so that’s what I’m trying to do, make it fun, original and let them have a great time,” she gushed.