Lily Collins’ musician father Phil Collins explained the risks of being in the public eye.

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones star has established herself as a big screen actress at the age of 24.However she thinks she wouldn’t have made it so far if it wasn’t for her musician dad Phil Collins’ advice.

“My dad has shown me the pros and cons of being in the public eye,” she told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.“He just wants me to focus on being happy. Seeing his little girl on a fan video is surreal, I think. They didn’t have Facebook and Twitter in his day.” Lily plays 15-year-old Clary Fray in her new flick where teenagers fight werewolves and vampires.The thespian is thrilled she got to portray a character with depth in the spectacular film.

“It’s a story based in reality as much as it is in this fantasy world. They’re co-existing,” she explained.“It’s more emotionally and character-based than being just aesthetically beautiful. It’s got amazing imagery and the CGI is incredible, but it’s not just about that.  “As a girl I was obsessed by fantasy and magic. And I was always adventurous.

So this film is perfect.”Lily recently broke up with her Mortal Instruments co-star Jamie Campbell-Bower. “I’m 24 and want to experiment with style. The film has also influenced my choices, just to play around with hair and make-up,” She  said