LAHORE - The National Engineering Services Pakistan has decided to adopt austerity measures, imposing ban on purchase of new vehicles, besides stopping additional fuel facility that was being availed by Vice Presidents and Divisional Heads, without the approval of Board of Directors.

Audit of the foreign offices and local regional offices held up for the past few years has been ordered to be initiated, immediately. The new Managing Director Amjad A. Khan has taken a number of steps for the wellbeing of the institution and its employees. A pre-audit cell has been created, which will ensure that all purchases are made in accordance with the rules. Vehicles hired on rental basis have immediately been curtailed and strict measures have been adopted to control unnecessary foreign visits.

Medical Committee has been reconstituted so as to have further strict control on the expenditures on this head. An investigation has been ordered to probe into the matter related to huge fees being paid to advocates without the approval of the Board. Monitoring meetings Division-wise have been fixed so as to have proper control over receivables which have gone up during the past few months.

Mr. Amjad has resolved that he would make efforts to take this Engineering Services House to new heights.

It is worthy to mention here that NESPAK is the largest engineering consultancy house in Pakistan with over 4000 employees. It has set up its foreign offices in Afghanistan, State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman and Saudi Arabia as well as it has taken new ventures in Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria and Comoros Island. Efforts are also underway to acquire more business in the Middle East and African countries.