LOS ANGELES: Paris Jackson is reportedly adapting well to life at her new boarding school.

The 15-year-old daughter of late singer Michael Jackson has reportedly been enrolled in a private boarding school in the state of Utah since mid-July.

Although she attempted to commit suicide a couple months ago she is now said to be adapting easily to her new lifestyle.

“She has been doing very well. She is very high in spirits,” a source told Radar Online. “She hasn’t sailed through this crisis but she is doing much better and with the help of those around her at the school, she’s on the mend.”

The unnamed institution teaches and houses troubled teenage girls.

Paris studies and undergoes “group therapy and one-on-one sessions with therapists each day,” according to the website. It costs up to $14,000 a month to be a pupil at the academy which has a set structure for the daily life of students. “There are three levels of privileges at the school,” the source explained.

“Those privileges are television time, internet, access to the phone, socialising with girls from the other homes on campus. As a result, Paris’ access to social media is limited.”

Paris is going for complete anonymity and according to Radar she has even changed her name to Frankie to hide her fame.–BT

Despite this, photos of the teenager enjoying herself with new friends at the school have been released to the press.

Now TMZ is reporting that Paris’ mother Debbie is planning to sue whoever sold images and information about her daughter to the media.

According to the website Debbie told friends: “These people, including some websites, are screwing with my daughter’s ability to get better”.

In spite of the publicity, Paris ultimately feels blessed to be starting a fresh chapter in her life.

“Paris is relieved she survived the suicide attempt,” the insider said.

“She really did cheat death.”Paris cut herself with a meat cleaver and took an overdose with painkillers in June.