ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) will hold the First Eastern Testing Services PTF Ranking Tennis Championship 2013 from August 26 here at Syed Dilawar Abbas PTF Tennis Complex. Four categories men's singles, men's doubles, ladies singles and boy's U-18 singles will be contested during the event which carries prize money of Rs 200,000. ITF official Arif Qureshi will be the chief referee whereas ITF official Shahzad Akhtar Alvi will be chief of umpires. All the players are advised to send their entries to chief referee or chief of umpire by 25th before 12pm. PTF chief Kaleem Imam said: “As I promised to hold maximum number of events this year, I have been fulfilling it. We are also working on different plans to boost our funds position which will help in sending our players abroad for appearing in international events.” –Staff Reporter