Indeed, the flood victims in the worst- affected areas in the country are reported to be living in an unspeakable misery. They are passing their days and nights under the open skies in subhuman conditions in the catchment areas of Indus River in Sindh over 10,000 children are reported severely malnourished. Elderly people and pregnant women have simply faded away and are starving to death in Ghotki, Shikarpur, Kashmor, Kand Kot, Khairpur Mirs, Larkano and Dadu. This horrific situation reminds how bad the flood- management conditions are there and how the relevant federal and provincial disaster management organizations have utterly failed in the disaster-prone and poverty-parlayed, resources-rich, Sindh province.

In this doomsday scenario, inaction and indifferent attitude of the provincial authorities, in particular, the district administration, irrigation department officers, revenue officers who are paid employees by the taxpayer’s money act like the rulers rather than government servants!

The flood-battered people of Sindh are starving and they need our succor in terms of cooked food, potable water, medicines, mosquito-nets, tents, and toilet facilities. It is important that at this time of need we all show compassion and have some structure in the government to help such disaster shocked people.

I request the provincial rulers to first feed the starving poor people, then talk of Local Government Bill and other issues because the lives depend on how actions are taken. I know that we don’t lack anything except the will to help our own people! Maybe the rulers are again waiting for aid from abroad, so that they can have some more luxuries in their lives and so they are set on selling such incidents of disaster and the poor flood stricken souls as has been done before several times!


Islamabad, August 21.