Hard and soft copies of an unauthentic version of the Abbotabad Commission’s report are in incessant circulation. Readers take them at face value maybe as authentic copy. Our country has tremendous resilience; it has withstood tremors of East Pakistan's secession and incursion into Abbotabad! What could the publication of reports do? Take Hamoodur Rehman Commission's Report. It had many hiatuses and flaws. For instance, Cowasji (now dead), in a piece, startled the readers by revealing that Yahya Khan never disowned his responsibility in the East Pakistan debacle and he welcomed his inquisition. Few people read memoirs of fallen angels, even if they are generals.

Unless the commissions’ reports are published with clarifying comments, people would continue to be influenced by unauthentic versions presented on websites and on social media. Public opinion does matter to nations as has been happening in certain countries, in Bangladeshi a kangaroo courts recently convicted some religious leaders on the basis of hearsay, rather than hard evidence, and imprisoned them creating unrest in the country. It is very important to rebut the negative impression of the unpublished reports. Let our present government come up with a report that can stand and have proof of what actually happened in Abbotabad.


Rawalpindi, July 27.