The Khan raves and he roars, and now that his rants at Pakistan’s internal political situation are old-new, he has chosen to shake his finger at the US. “We are willing to be friends with the US, but Imran as PM will never be a stooge like Nawaz Sharif and will never accept any dictation from the US.” Roar.

The PTI chief said the US intrusion into Pakistan’s internal political matters was unacceptable especially when it is going through a crisis. And they haven’t stated they will interfere. “We do not support any extra-constitutional changes to that democratic system or the people attempting to impose them,” is the statement by the State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf. But what did Khan expect the US to say? Imran is sadly willing to say and do anything to keep his marchers in formation. He needs to spout new mandates and malices to keep people interested and heated. But Pakistan is no Syria or Egypt or Libya, and the US has no way of interfering. We do not have a dictator, a genocide, or new caliphate. We don't need Imran Khan sermonising to us about what is wrong. As a people many of us are sick of the ruling elite, which has included people of his own party in the past. We would like jobs, electricity, freedom to move around our cities safely, and some form of stability. Things his movement has paradoxically interrupted. Everyone who is advocating that Imran and Qadri calm down is not doing it to support the Prime Minister (or the US) but to avoid military rule, the risk of blood being shed on the streets of Islamabad or worse.

We do not want US intervention, and the US will not interfere. Anyone who thinks that the US is scared of Imran Khan underestimates the superpower. The US is done with Pakistan and has increasingly become impatient and critical of us. They call us a failed state, and this crisis is just another case in point for them. They are signing arms deals with India; with an aggressive India and its very conservative government. They don't need us as a buffer state for future face-offs against Russia or India anymore. They don't need us. Imran, the potential PM of our future, is trying to hit sixers when he knows the ball will be caught. If this is his version of international diplomacy then may God protect us from this future, where either you are with Imran Khan or you are against him. Roar.