ISLAMABAD - CNG Association on Friday lauded Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate GIDC and hoped that after the decision OGRA would decrease CNG prices for consumers.

“This decision has saved the CNG industry as now CNG stations would save up to Rs 13 per kilograme”, said CNG association official, Pervaiz Khattack while talking to The Nation.

He said that previous government imposed GIDC to finance gas infrastructure projects in the country including Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline. This additional tax on all the sectors using natural gas was from Rs 50 to Rs.300 per mmbtu, Khattack explained. But later, when the projects delayed the CNG owners filed a petition against the GIDC in Peshawar High Court, which ordered to withdraw GIDC but government went to Supreme Court for the appeal against the decision. The SC on Friday rejected the appeal and held PHC decision. After the decision OGRA would re-calculate CNG prices for the consumers and according to the CNG association, the reduction in gas prices would be shared with the end consumers.