The FIR for murder of 14 political activists of PAT, who were killed on June 17, 2014 in Lahore, must be registered against the Home Minister Punjab, to whom the IG Punjab reports, although he was not physically present at the location and did not pull the trigger. It is also a fact that Chief Minister of Punjab, who holds this portfolio, has condemned this brutality and denied his involvement, but the fact remains that the buck stops at his table. He appointed the IG, who in turn appointed the DIG, DPO, CPO SSP SP DSP etc that were directly involved in the incident.

While we are at a point where the media, civil society, opposition political parties, religious parties, clerics and Dr Tahir Qadri emphasised establishing the writ of law. It is time that an FIR for murder of over 50 innocent citizens of Karachi on May 12, 2007 is also registered against the Home Minister of Sindh, the Karachi Nazim, the IG and the political party involved. If memory serves me right, that very evening, the Home Minister Sindh proudly claimed this as a legitimate reaction, while addressing reporters near Tibet Market Karachi, which was televised nationwide.

There are many such cases and I could go on and on, but who will start delivering justice, and ensure that justice prevails in the country?


Sukkur, August 20.