ISLAMABAD- DrTahriulQadri, chief of Pakistan AwamiTehreek, reiterated today that their struggle and ‘Inquilab March’ is just and constitutional .

Addressing the march participants after a meeting with a delegation of lawyers, Qadri said that meaningful dialogue with the government couldnot be held until a FIR is registered against those responsible for the Model Town tragedy, in which over a dozen PAT workers were killed in June this year.

He expressed his gratitude for the legal fraternity for supporting Inquilab March and said that the general public and masses are real owners of the country, and that the constitution is not just words written on a piece of paper.

The PAT chief asked why the centre was being run by the Punjab Chief Minister and if parliament had protected the lives and property of people. “It is the responsibility of the state to protect the life and property of citizens.”

DrQadri called for the nation’s leaders to be put on trial under Article 6 of the constitution. The Sharif brothers owe Rs 15-20 billion. “Is the nation aware of how much tax is paid by Nawaz and Shahbaz?” he asked.