ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Awami Tehrik chief Dr Tahirul Qadri expressed apprehensions on the dialogue process, and said that the rulers' intentions would be made clear after holding one or two sessions with the government’s negotiating team.

Dr Tahirul Qadri said that the government was not showing seriousness in talks and said that the opposition was ahead of the government in approaching him for dialogue as very few members of the government approached him. He again rebutted that he ever refused to hold dialogues with the government. He also said that he has no intention of refusing dialogues with the government in the future as well.

Dr Qadri earlier had put a condition of resignations of the prime minister and Punjab chief minister before starting the dialogue that most of the people including the government circles had translated as ‘No’. Dr Qadri still standing on his demand for the resignations of both the PM and CM but has agreed to start dialogues.

Interestingly Dr Qadri, whose favourite place was the Parliament House, now feels stuck in there. He is demanding the containers to be removed to provide free movement opportunity to his followers to enter the capital market areas to cater their day-to-day needs.

The government along with the dialogues has tried its level best to restrict the PAT chief and his followers to the Constitution Avenue. Before coming to the Constitution Avenue, they never knew what they were going to face and the government seems successful in its strategy to allow them enter the Red Zone. The government has increased the PAT workers’ difficulties by restricting them to stay in front of the Parliament House only for a long time.

A day earlier, Dr Qadri's followers were found exhausted as they literally had no activity accept to keep themselves sitting in front of Parliament House and wait for the speeches of their leader who time to time appears behind the glass of his container and starts accusing the government for different things.

Dr Qadri sensed the situation and arranged 'qawals' the other day to amuse his supporters and make them sustain. In his speech he told his followers that revolution doesn't come in few days and they should not tire or loos hope in that regard.

As far as the accusations are concerned, the murder of 14 people in the Model Town tragedy whereas has been well taken by the community living in Islamabad or might be across Pakistan. But demanding resignation of the PM over this is not well taken in general public.