LAHORE - The Punjab government has been ordered to ensure protective measures against dengue.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed all concerned departments and institutions to remain alert to overcome the disease.

“Federal and provincial departments should take steps through collective efforts and play a vibrant and active role to eliminate dengue,” the CM said in a meeting on Saturday.

Every department will have to discharge its responsibility to protect the people from dengue and the prescribed plan should be fully implemented, he said.

Sharif warned that no laxity or negligence in implementing the prescribed plan for eradication of dengue virus will be tolerated.

“Full attention should be paid to the indoor and outdoor surveillance and Cabinet Committee on Eradication of Dengue should work in a coordinated manner,” the CM directed his cabinet members. “Checking of tyre shops, graveyards, junkyards and under-construction buildings should be carried out regularly.”

The chief minister further directed that immediate disposal of rainwater should be ensured from low-lying areas and regular checking of hotels and restaurants be continued.