Parties registered under Political Parties Act are required to confine their activities within law and ensure that members holding elected public office and key posts within party uphold constitution and under no circumstances resort to use of violence, threats or any other illegal act. The moment any member of political or religious party, or any public office holder, paid or elected, commits a crime he becomes a criminal who cannot claim any special privileges other than those entitled to any other accused person.

The Constitution of Pakistan has very clearly and unequivocally declared that foreign affairs and contacts with foreign embassies are solely within domain of elected government, federal cabinet, parliament and foreign ministry. Other than for social events, politicians when invited by foreign embassies may attend such functions, but exercise restraint if host country is an enemy state, involved in active hostility. It is surprising to note that MQM leaders justify writing letters to UN and other nations seeking their intervention in what is solely an internal matter of this sovereign country. Can Altaf Hussain leader of MQM, who holds a British passport, dare to write similar letters to Russia or UN seeking their intervention in what he may perceive to be persecution? If today UK authorities are conducting investigations against their own citizen, who formerly held Pakistan nationality, this is solely an internal domestic issue.

A state has certain basic mandatory obligations to prosecute citizens involved in unlawful acts, crimes or any attempt to subvert constitution or act in any manner which is against declared national interest, threatens lives of citizens or security of state. For more than a decade over 30,000 citizens of Pakistan have been brutally murdered by target killers in Karachi, while another 280, all of them Urdu speaking, were brutally burnt alive in Baldia Factory, but there were no calls for UN intervention by MQM. It is only when over 40 activists of this party were apprehended on allegations of committing heinous crimes, such as murder, rape, kidnapping, extortion and land grabbing, that all hell has broken and letters written seeking intervention of UN, NATO and even our declared enemy India.


Lahore, August 10.