DADU - Juvenile driving in many areas of the city has become a serious threat for the road users as well as public property.

A press conference was held here at the SSP office on Tuesday in which SSP Shabbir Ahmed Sethar said that as many as 2,000 juvenile  drivers were doing wheelie  besides driving vehicles  like motorbikes and  rickshaws without proper training and driving licences.

Sethar further told that areas where wheelie on motorbikes and rash car driving was on the rise included Cinema Chowk Road, Mounder Naka Road and Moro Road. “Similarly, there are many parts of the city where underage boys drive vehicles without any fear from the concerned authorities,” he said, and added, “This dangerous trend results in a number of accidents daily on busy roads.

The SSP said that police would impose heavy fines on these juveniles in order to deter them from driving.  “Traffic police is confident to continue crackdown against such drivers,” Sethar said, and urged public to abide by traffic laws and prevent their children from sitting behind the wheels.