Islamabad - A new study suggests that further rewards could be reaped from a part of the avocado that we normally discard: the husk of the seed.

From lowering cholesterol to aiding weight loss, the potential benefits of avocado consumption have been well documented. Researchers found that avocado seed husks contain a variety of chemical compounds that could help to kill viruses, combat heart problems, and even treat cancer. Dr Bandyopadhyay and colleagues came to their findings by grounding down around 300 dried avocado seed husks, which is the skin that coats the seeds.

In total, the researchers identified 116 compounds in the avocado seed husk oil, many of which could be beneficial to human health, and many of which could not be found in the avocado seed itself.

Some compounds of particular interest in the seed husk oil were behenyl alcohol, dodecanoic acid, and heptacosane. Behenyl alcohol is used in antiviral medication, dodecanoic acid is known to boost “good” cholesterol, and heptacosane has shown promise for killing tumors.

Additionally, the team identified compounds in avocado seed husk wax that are used as food additives - such as butylated hydroxytoluene - and in cosmetic products, including bis(2-butoxyethyl) phthalate.

The researchers now plan to modify some of the chemical compounds they identified in avocado seed husk oil, with the aim of developing new, safer medications.

“It could very well be that avocado seed husks, which most people consider as the waste of wastes, are actually the gem of gems because the medicinal compounds within them could eventually be used to treat cancer, heart disease, and other conditions.”

Meanwhile, another study shows that with longer days and warmer temperatures, most Americans delight in the abundance of outdoor activities they have access to. However, with all that sun, come some serious risks.

One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, with more people having skin cancer than all other forms of cancer combined.

But fear not, it is entirely possible to enjoy the great outdoors while also practicing sun safety. The American Academy of Dermatology reports that up to 9,500 Americans are diagnosed each day with skin cancer meaning that practicing sun safety is a necessity.

First begin by finding an ideal sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and carefully apply it to any exposed area of the body, including face, ears, neck, nose, arms, hands, legs, feet, back, and torso. Don’t forget the tops of knees, shoulders, and feet, all places that we forget, or where the sunscreen gets wiped away, and that burn easily, and painfully.

Consider wearing sunscreen every day, both indoors and outdoors since skin cancer can be caused by a variety of forms of ultra violet rays and other man-made factors. Don’t rely on cloudy days for protection as the cloud cover can actually increase UV rays from the sun that can also bounce off sand, snow, pavement, and water. Beware of dangers from above, and below.

Beware of dangers from above, and below.

Live like an Italian and choose to avoid peak sun exposure by planning outdoor activities before 10:00 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m. leaving the midday hours for inside activities, lunch or increase your health with a mid-day siesta.

Finding shade when the sun is at peak time is highly advised.  Seek covered patios, umbrellas, trees and other forms of protection to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

Protective hats to keep your scalp from burning, sunglasses to protect eye tissue, and clothing also come in hand; there are growing brands of SPF protective clothing lines now available.

They further report that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime.