I am apolitical. But the fact that our political parties can stoop so low was even beyond my imagination. PTI did bring out some hope in me but alas the latest episode of Imran Khan’s supporters’ onslaught on Ayesha Gullali and her family on social media has shattered my all hopes in PTI as well. Instead of investigating the matter seriously, all sort of character assassination including threat to her life and property started. Even statements of financial corruption started coming out against her. If it is true then it speaks about the claims of good governance in KPK under PTI. 

For starters, I would recommend that the NAB should arrest the people who have confessed that they have provided money of corruption to Ayesha Gullalai. Secondly, Imran Khan should man up and face the charges like he has been asking of his political opponents. He should not demand that the burden of proof lies with the accuser; rather he should welcome any investigation and present his mobile for forensic analysis. After all he is campaigning for Prime Minister-ship and before voting for him, we should be clear that our leader is not morally corrupt. Otherwise, many would feel that there is something fishy and that’s why it has continued to create a ripple on social media and put PTI in panic mode. 


UK, August 8.