KAMALIA-District Coordinator for Minorities Affairs and Human Rights Ashraf John Sandhu criticized the local government for poor sanitary condition of the city.

However, he welcomed the announcement by the Chairman Municipality Malik Mohammad Sharif to make Kamalia a clean and healthy city.

He stated that the announcement was heartwarming but it can be achieved only if the chairman takes the ground facts into account first. He pointed out that the sanitary workers of Kamalia Municipality are less in required number and heavily overburdened for last many years. He stated that the Punjab govt had no restriction on employee recruitment but the Municipal Committee had not yet appointed new sanitary workers on vacant posts.

He said that a post of chief sanitary inspector, three posts of sanitary supervisor and more than 80 posts of sanitary worker are vacant due to the present employee retirement or death. He remarked that it had severely impacted the cleaning and sanitary state of the city. He pointed out that Eidul Azha is near and the sanitary workers face the challenge of cleaning up the city after the sacred sacrifices.

He asked the Punjab chief secretary, secretary municipalities and the Toba Tek Singh DCO to look into the plight of the sanitary workers and appoint new employees on the vacant posts so that the workers could be less burdened and clean the city diligently and wholeheartedly.

He urged the citizens to refrain from littering and only drop garbage at the designated places so that the city could be made clean and beautiful.