It is a sterling reality that all and sundry want to be great and legendary persons. Especially in this era, people are doing many things to be great and famous. So to be great, there are a lot of steps a person should climb. Most noble of them are: 

Be honest: Honesty is very essential for a happy life. By being honest we can achieve a lot of respect. If a few people are dishonest, an adverse effect is left on others around them. People are usually impressed by honesty and it is generally considered great. 

Let go of anger: By being angry no one gets a name and they also lose good qualities in themselves. If a person wants to be good he should know not to get angry over small and petty things. Ego should not get in the way of respecting people. So we should try our level best to avoid anger and when we avoid anger we will be considered good and then great. 

Give respect to everyone: It is rightly remarked, “Give Respect and Get Respect”. However, we should not see whether an elder is there or a younger person and give respect regardless. No one can lose their value by paying respect instead we can only gain more. 

Have tolerance: Simply tolerance means to bear or practice self-control. Tolerance is the best activity and by following this a person can completely change. If we have tolerance and patience, most of our problems will be solved. 

There are many good things that by following a person can be great. But these four are the most impressive ones. If a person wants to be great, they should follow these steps. 


Turbat, August 8.