ISLAMABAD: Hazara University Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Idrees’ order to initiate an inquiry against some faculty members on an 'anonymous letter' has triggered strong criticism, especially from the academic staff association.

At a meeting of the Hazara University Academic Staff Association (HUASA) held on the campus in Mansehra on Monday, the office-bearers condemned the alleged vengeful action of the vice-chancellor against the faculty members.

They demanded of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra , who is chancellor of the varsity, to take notice of the action taken by the VC.

"Dr Idrees is abusing his authority for retributive purposes to settle personal scores with the faculty members,” HUASA General Secretary Dr Aziz said.

“The VC is being backed in this exercise by Dean of Sciences Dr Manzoor Hussain, Dean of Arts Dr Manzoor Shah and Yar Muhammad, an employee of the KP government .”

Aziz alleged that Yar Muhammad is presently serving Hazara University on an illegal deputation slot.

HUASA President Dr Ijaz Shah showed the meeting a letter written to the VC by anonymous persons, levelling baseless allegations against the faculty members.

"I am astonished that how can the vice chancellor initiate a process based on un-sourced and anonymously levelled allegations, resulting into un-authorised explanation letters issued by the dean of sciences," he said.

Another senior member of the HUASA, Sajid explained the meeting that since the only registrar is authorised to issue explanation letters, Dean of Sciences illegally used letterhead of a registrar to issue fake explanation letter.

All participants were of the view that a conspiracy is underway to defame faculty members.

Dr Aziz explained that the vice-chancellor action was necessitated by the HUASA’s staunch stance and raising voice against the illegal occupation of administrative positions by allegedly by VCs’ cronies and forgery in the statutes approval process.

"Although the VC never paid any heed to HUASA demands, he has started walking on a vengeful path after the chancellor of Hazara University and the provincial Higher Education Department forced him to comply with provisions of Universities Act and law," he said.

HUASA expressed deep concerns over the anti-scientific and anti-educational attitude of Dr Idrees which is now destroying educational and research related functions of the university.

Dr Ijaz expressed the HUASA’s unanimous stance that only the VC will be responsible for any disruption in the academic session of fall semester 2017.

He demanded of the KP governor and the Higher Education Department to form an independent inquiry to probe the matter.

Hazara University Mansehra spokesman, Muhammad Sajjad, when contacted said the university management’s action is under the KP Universities Act and Statutes 2016.

Sajjad, on behalf of the VC, Dr Idrees, and an inquiry officer, said it is the prime objective of the management to focus on quality education and learning for those students who are enrolled here from far-flung areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan, AJK and other parts of the country.

He said some faculty members under the umbrella of HUASA are busy to disturb the peaceful academic atmosphere of the university for their personal interests.

Regarding inquiry, the spokesperson said the university authorities called a clarification and comments from the Deans regarding unhealthy activities of some faculty members which do fall into the category of “inquiry”.

He, however, said it has been revealed from the academic record that an assistant professor, which he mention didn’t name, got irregular admission in the PhD programme which is against the rules and regulations.

On behalf of the Dr Idrees, he said all the initiatives were being taken in the best interest of the university.