MULTAN-What is being described “as stubborn lawyers” continued their protest against cancellation of licence of High Court Bar Multan President Sher Zaman Qureshi and his arrest warrants as no attorney appeared before any court of law here on Tuesday.

The court work got completely suspended due to the strike of black coats and the hearing of almost all cases was adjourned.

The members of District and High Court bars staged separate demonstrations and shouted slogans against judiciary. They demanded immediate withdrawal of case against Sher Zaman Qureshi. They warned all lawyers that anyone who appeared before any court would do this at the cost of his bar membership.

Although police remained unsuccessful in catching Sher Zaman, they reportedly rounded up his brother and two nephews in a raid at his residence. Sher Zaman had fled on a motorbike from district courts on Monday with the help of his fellow lawyers when police tried to arrest him.

The standoff between the bar and the bench had begun following an incident on July 24, 2017 when a senior judge at LHC Multan Bench ordered irrelevant persons to go out of the courtroom. Mr. Qureshi was amongst the persons asked to leave the courtroom. Having felt insulted, he gathered other members of the bar and exchanged harsh words with the judge, uprooted the nameplate of the judge from outside courtroom and carried out sloganeering against him. The LHC chief justice took serious notice of the incident and initially withdrew judges from Multan bench and then a full court issued order for cancellation of Mr Qureshi’s license besides his arrest.