LAHORE-it’s not the first or last time when a female media personality has faced backlash over her appearance and choices. But this time it’s about a successful Pakistani model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak who gained fame and built a strong career base in less than a year.

Saheefa, with her bold pixie haircut, really stood out amongst all others at PSFW ‘17.

After the pictures from her recent lawn campaign went online, critics’ reactions made their way through comments. After which, the model was emotionally disturbed and wrote on her official Facebook profile: “No wonder people calling me ‘Ganji model, Gay model, Khusra model’ and commenting I am a bad influence to the younger audience and that wow finally the brand launched something for people like ME (since you all have decided already, tell me who I am).”

She also referred to ‘double standards’ of people in the post, saying, “We talk about woman empowerment, we talk about woman rights and freedom of whatever she wants for her and here in the comment section where woman are saying things which should never be said.” Later on yesterday, the model decided to confront all the people shaming her for the way she carried her hair through a live Facebook video.

In the video, Saheefa shut all the bad mouths by saying that we need to educate the new generation instead of exposing them to social media and not monitoring what they are doing online.

“We need to teach them that commenting on one’s way of dressing, living and eating isn’t our mission. We are moving towards a huge downfall and we need to lift ourselves as a nation first instead of calling one names online,” she added. Further in the video, she referred to slain model Qandeel Baloch’s incident and said, “You [critics] are provoking others by making such comments on me as well.”

The model told how she was kicked out of female restrooms at the airports for looking like a ‘boy’ and how traffic police constables would harass her by pointing at her haircut. To all these incidents, she said, “I can’t even drive safely on the roads now.”

She beautifully defended the way she is by saying, “I live on my own and I’m better than all the women calling names on me because I’m educated, I earn well and I can provide for my kids and family in future while these women would only complete their Matriculation and then get married.”

Saheefa told the viewers that she is tired of all of this and that she can’t complain over and over again either.

“I’m not going to upload more statuses because you all are stuck with the choice of my haircut and can’t think beyond this. While,  I’m more capable than what you see.”