LAHORE - Pakistan karateka black belt 2 dan Chaudhry Hassan Ali Hafeez has thrown open challenge to the fighters of world.

Hassan, who is Shotokan karate and Ju-jitsu player, has been in these games since 18 years and has taken part in different national level tournaments and remained successful in most of them. Talking to The Nation, he said: “I throw open challenge to all the fighters of the world. I am preparing myself for this challenge, where any national or international player can fight with me. I also challenge to WWE players and want to fight with them even at their own arena.

“I also want to represent my country in the mixed martial arts and keen to win laurels for it. Some Pakistani players have already been earning good name in this game and I am also eager to exhibit my prowess in this fight globally,” he added.

When asked whether he wanted to serve the country in any capacity, Hassan said: “I have given my entire life to karate, which is my passion and I want to represent my country in this game internationally. I am confident enough to fight well against any given opponent and emerge as top fighter of the world. I just need some chances to excel at higher level.”

He said: “I am ready to serve my country in any capacity, as whatever I am is just because of my motherland, which gave me name and fame. If I am contacted for any job at national level, I will surely impart my knowledge and skills to the youngsters, train them well and transform them into champions.

“There is absolutely no dearth of talent in Pakistan especially in the field of sports. Our athletes and players have been doing wonders at international level. So if they will be trained and groomed well, they are more than capable of winning glories for the country globally,” Hassan concluded.