This is in reference to the letter published in The Nation on August 21, 2017 titled “An open letter to Beaconhouse School”. I sincerely regret the content of the letter as some facts were misconstrued due to misunderstanding of company policy on my behalf. Misconceptions have been resolved and I want to clarify a few facts as stated below: 

* I was hired on adhoc basis in March 2016 for 3 months only as a substitute teacher. 

* I enjoyed the experience and joined back in August knowing the fact that every new teacher has to clear English Language Proficiency test to acquire regular status. 

* I took the test when I was prepared and cleared it in the last week of May 2017. 

* Based on the test result I was awarded regular status in the month of August 2017. 

* I understand that my services will be confirmed after satisfactory completion of probation period. 

* Statement regarding teachers leaving/resigning is incorrect and regretted. 

* To date I am an employee of this organisation and plan to continue with my services. 


Karachi, August 22.