LAHORE: Calligraphers devise many new styles but they remain within the parameters of classical tradition.

Rana Riaz Ahmad is seen as a reviver of Islamic calligraphy of our time.

Since his childhood he had a passion for calligraphy and in seventh class one of his uncles once took him to a renowned painter, Aslam Khokhar to further enhance his artwork.

His career started with an assignment of making sketch for five rupees per piece, spanning over more than five decades. During that period he worked in the USA, Europe, Middle East and for leading advertising agencies and publishing houses of Pakistan.

Rana’s work reflects an awareness of the rhythm and flow of letters as well as contrast and harmony of colours. His style of calligraphy represents his own composition and innovation rendering into pointillism.

Rana is considered as the latest addition to the calligraphy artists of Pakistan. He has represented Pakistan as a painter of calligraphy in many Asian, European and American countries. After 10th international Holy Quran exhibition held on November, 2002 in Tehran, Iran his work was greatly appreciated.

His letters shapes, through rendered by brush, embody the cursive sweep of calligrapher’s pen.

The artist work is conscientiously built up. The dots and texture designed gives the letters and composition the richness of three layers. When he paints he builds his composition dot by dot. The scatter of dots behind the letters signify source of light symbolic of the Divine light, the light of knowledge. This technique called pointillism was primarily developed by French painter Paul Signac and George Stuart in the late 19th century.

Rana Riaz has applied the same art for the first time in calligraphy and people across the globe have appreciated him. His paintings are totally genuine and original in every respect.

About his achievement he told The Nation that he received first prize trophy from the government of Iran, achieved Hajvery gold medal from the Government of Punjab. He was awarded gold medal from Pakistan Public Relation Society and from Pakistan Calligraph-artists Guild .