Donald Trump’s life has been the focus of media scrutiny since he started his Presidential campaign.

From apocalyptic forewarnings from an old episode of the Simpsons to his old TV commercials, news related to Trump’s past and present has been singled out and headlined.

Since becoming President, there’s a lighter, or crazier side to Donald Trump that has garnered attention. Here, we go through some of the weirdest things that he has been known to do.

1. He stares directly at the solar eclipse.

Donald Trump doesn’t need protective glasses to watch the eclipse. He doesn’t have the constitution for protective measures. Trump was photographed staring and gesticulating at the sun, as an aide shouted ‘don’t look.’

The public found his antics pretty amusing.

2. He has a fear of letting of handshakes.

Trump has an obsessive compulsion when it comes to shaking hands. Greeting the President of the United States can quickly become a traumatizing experience.

If you are the newly appointed Secretary of State, Trump’s enthusiasm can overshadow yours.


3. He feels compelled to move things.

Trump’s habit of moving things has psychologists around America sratching their heads for possible psychoanalytic interpretations. It is yet to be seen if he’s nervous or simply marking his territory.

4. He’s not exactly a healthy eater.

Donald Trump likes his steak well done. But that’s not all , he likes it well smeared with ketchup.

He’s been known to indulge in a bucket of KFC while flying. 


Or casually munch on an ice cream while watching a game.

His love for pizza is also well known.


Here is a pizza commercial featuring Trump and his ex-wife from the 90s.

5. He has an inarticulate speaking style.

What makes Trump’s speeches so persuasive is that he is not a traditional orator and speaks like the average person. His speeches are awkward, grammatically incorrect and repetitive.


6. He only wears suits and they are all ill-fitting Donald

Trump is always seen in a suit. It seems as if that is the only type of clothing his wardrobe is stocked with. Yet, they hang loose and unappealing. Considering how well-known he makes the fact of his wealth, money clearly isn’t an issue.

Trump has hosted Wrestlemania tournaments in the past, and remains a close friend of the WWE chairman, Vince McMahon.


Trump recently posted a video of him wrestling a man to the ground. The man had a CNN logo in place of his head as Trump tweeted ‘Fraud News Network.'