Contrary to the popular belief that democracy is a government of the people, by the people, for the people, it has taken whole new meanings these days. Democracy is the government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich, nowadays. The latest news that the government of Pakistan has decided to waive a hefty sum of rupees 208 billion dues of industrialists shows that the latter definition of democracy is the real one.

It is astonishing to note that the amount to be waived in favour of the industrialists is almost equal to the total loans waived off by different governments since 1971 to 2009. Is the amount that a handful of industrialists are not willing to pay a national theft? If it is not a theft of national exchequer, what is it then? What kind of Naya Pakistan is this? In Naya Pakistan, the government is determined to produce more poor, as the government’s subsequent actions tell us.

If Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan wants to establish an “Islamic Welfare State” by granting such concessions to the rich few, then he has already strayed from the path that leads to its establishment. Khan’s understanding of any welfare state is skewed; let alone that of an Islamic one.

Furthermore, the decision of the government shows that these half a dozen industrialists who will get enormous concessions yield more power than the state. The PM has no one to blame but himself and inability of his team to recover the dues. It is sad to note that the poor complied to pay their share of dues; however, the few influential ones have refused to pay them. And now that they have brought the government to its knees, what else defines injustice done to the poor and Pakistan!

Nevertheless, PTI knows it that the decision is neither a right one nor a popular one. It will generate resentment among people against the government. Therefore, the party leadership has decided to write off the dues through a presidential ordinance. Such are the blessings of democracy in Naya Pakistan.