KARACHI   -  The Sindh Health Department on Thursday confirmed 14 Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), or Congo Virus , induced deaths in Karachi during the current month.

A concerned official sharing details of the measures being adopted to prevent the disease said a total of 26 cases were reported at different private and public care facilities while 14 of them died.

The expired patients could not survive intensity of the ailment including massive loss of blood and organ failure. CCHF, a viral infection transmitted to human being through ticks that live on cattle, was said to have an average of 40% mortality rate but can be largely prevented through timely and proper management.

Adequate hygienic care on part of those coming into close contact with tick-infested livestock as well as meat handlers were cited to be the most vulnerable individuals.

Those infected with CCHF can also be a major source for spread of the virus if come into contact to otherwise healthy individuals through means of direct exposure to their blood and other secretions. Government was said to have already taken needed measures to control spread of the infection through establishment of isolation wards in all major hospitals besides ensuring that health care providers handling the affected patients adopt necessary precautions to avoid any possible risk. Public awareness campaigns via varied mediums were said to have been also initiated to protect workers associated with different slaughter houses, meat sellers, house wives and those tending cattle so as to protect themselves against congo virus .