ISLAMABAD   -   Criminal justice institutions should focus on the needs of underprivileged and mar­ginalized members of the society seeking support from the system, said Muhammad Salim, Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkh­wa here on Thursday.

While chairing the first Rule of Law Roadmap Steering Committee meeting here, the Chief Secretary emphasized on a system-wide effort for effective imple­mentation of the Cabinet approved Rule of Law Roadmap, which is the KP govern­ment’s strategy to reform the criminal jus­tice system.

He emphasized that criminal justice in­stitutions should actively engage and use the governance structures for periodic performance reviews and management.

He assured departments of facilitation and support required to achieve the set milestones effectively. Further, the depart­ments were instructed to submit requests for initiatives and related resources to bring about the desired change in the sys­tem for better user experience. Different departments presented their progress on the key performance indicators.

The Chief Secretary directed depart­ment level progress review to be under­taken by the respective department heads for effective speedy actions and measures to be taken when needed.

In order to expedite and track processes and progress on Rule of Law Roadmap, the Chief Secretary said that a review pro­cess at the cabinet level will be initiated.

The Home Secretary highlighted the need for cross-institutional coordination. He emphasized that progress on key per­formance indicators, such as successful and timely conclusion of criminal cases, reduction in acquittal in serious and violent crimes and reduction in prison population especially unter-trial prison­ers cannot be achieved without close col­laboration and problem solving approach. He further added that all the institutions are committed to improve the citizens’ experience of the criminal justice system and achieve the criminal justice reform priorities of the government as well as the superior courts.

The meeting was attended by senior leadership of the criminal justice system including the Home Secretary, Head of the Strategic Support Unit, Secretary P&D, Sec­retary Law, Special Secretary Finance, Dep­uty Inspector General Police Operations, Representative of the High Court, IG Pris­ons, Director Reclamation and Probation,