PR ISLAMABAD - Roots Millennium Education nationwide and flagship Millennium Campus I-9/3, Islamabad proved it once again in Cambridge Assessment International Examination-CAIE astounding result by securing more than 8700 St. A’s in IGCSE/AS and A Levels, says a press release.

Millennium College I-9/3 has yet again demonstrated that it is the leading International school and college which offer paths and gateways to the students seeking opportunities to excel in academics, the world over.

Details of the remarkable performance of Millennials in CAIE AS and A Level Result 2019 are; Haashir Ismail, Adeena Saeed Khan, Shafin Waqar, Areeb Shahid, Syed Mustafa Umar, Mishma Azfar and Kaleem dazzled with St. 5 & 4A’s. Millennials,  Rameen Khalid Mehmood, Wamiq Shehzad, Shaheer Naveed, Ahmed Jarrar Abbasi, Arooba Sohail, Arifa Zahoor Ahmed, Danish Javed, Fatima Bangash, Aliza Danish, Abdullah Khan, Ahsen Maqbool, Imaan Shahid, Iman Mushtaq Ahmad, Mankashey Bilal Anwer Bajwa, Mariam Khalid, Sharaiz Naqi Khan, Roshaan Amir, Awais Khalid,Sardar Musharraf, Haadia, Iman Farrukh, Khalid Tariq Mehmood, Shayan Khan Masood, Arshiya Khattak, Ehtisham, Zaheeb, Aamina Sohail, Abu Bakar Ijaz, Aisha Amin, Daud Zafar, Hateem Fatima, Jonathan Ilyas, Moeez Aman, Moiz Ejaz, Myra Khan, Raania Jawad, Jahanzeb Nauman, Paul Anthony, Rameen Tariq, Alamgir Khan, Hamza Arshad Bhatti, Hasan Talat, Hunzallah Usmani, Khushnam, Hassan Abbas Lalyeka, Mariam Faiz , Mohid Anwar, Mohsin Ali Awan, Johar, Samaha Anwar, Sara Abdul Hameed, Syed Sheryar Umar, Burhan Ambraiz, Qirrat Ali Raffe Salam, Ali Hasan Manzoor, Bushra Tariq, Hamza Hamid, Usman Ahmed, Eman Khan, Mishel Rashid, Nauman Tariq, Reemal Aslam and Sarosh Atif outperformed with St. 3A’ & 2As.

Millennials are consistently dedicated to pursuit of excellence. By setting a rich precedent of glorious high achievement world records with the help of their top of the notch faculty members and their expertise, they continue to climb the ladder of success. The Millennials and their proud parents are ecstatic over the outstanding CAIE Result 2019 for both IGSCE, AS and A Level has impressed the parents of the shining stars themselves.

CEO Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq congratulated the entire, especially Millennium I-9/3 Islamabad students for their consistent hard work/zealousness, the competent Faculty members for their countless efforts and the proud parents.

Flagship Millennium Campus I-9/3, Islamabad is a center of academic excellence for IGCSE, AS/A Levels and IBDP education. Roots Millennium Education students are successfully admitted into the world’s prestigious universities all over the globe, such as Harvard, Princeton, Upenn, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Oxford, Cambridge, King’s College London, LSE, Bocconi (Italy), Amherst, Williams, Bilkent, METU, and the list goes on. The young Millennials surely deserve this recognition, applaud & limelight!