It is a fact that Pakistan is full of historical places and Mohenjo-Daro is one of them. Mohenjodaro means the mound of the dead. It is an ancient city where all people got death. It is an ancient city nearly five thousand years old. Mohenjodaro was discovered in 1922 by R.D Banerji an officer of the archaeological survey of India. According to the researchers, it was one of the well-planned Cities because it had a big and beautiful bazaar and had a public hall for the people. Its houses were built with burnt bricks and each house was built in a beautiful way which proves that the people were aware of hygiene. Their drainage system was good.

Many items were found in Mohenjo-Daro like jewelry, pottery, seals, weights and measuring tools toys and weapons, showing that the city was based on a class system. A lot of tools and toys found in the city indicate their love for children. According to the archaeologists, it might refer to their religion and worshipping of the bulls. Nobody knows how and why it was ruined. At last, it is my humble request to the archaeologists who are searching about Mohenjo-Daro that they should solve this mystery about why Mohenjo-Daro was destroyed.