LOS ANGELES (GN) - Ola Jordan says she felt under pressure to be skinny on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. The 36-year-old professional dancer quit the BBC One show in 2015 and admitted she is happier than ever after embracing her curves. She told MailOnline: ‘’When you’re on the show there is a thing in your head, you don’t wanna stand there... I was never the thinnest girl and I was never that lucky thin girl, I always had to work for it. ‘’People would say ‘oh my god your body is amazing’ and I worked for it. I’d go to the gym a lot, I watched what I ate. I worked for it a lot - it didn’t come easy for me. ‘’I am a curvy girl. I’ve got the boobs and the bum as well, you know. And, I’m short, I’m not tall, so when I put a tiny bit of weight on it really, really shows you know? Ola admitted she denied herself sweet treats to ensure she could look good in her Strictly costumes.

She said: ‘’It comes with age. When you’re younger, you’re like ‘oh my god I’ve got to be skinny and I’ve got to look as good as the other girls’. ‘’You’re on a show in a tiny costume being compared to the other professionals next to you, so you’re not gonna have that cake, you’re just not.’’ However, now she is more relaxed about what she lets herself eat. She said: ‘’Nowadays I’m a bit more relaxed. I’m enjoying my life. And maybe I don’t have the body I had six years ago. But, sometime you’ve got to relax and enjoy life.’’