The business of testing services can be included in most rapidly income-generating business in a world where youth is jammed in unemployment and inflation.

In worsening economic conditions, youth is facing a number of socio-economic and psychological pressures in society because of their joblessness. They are bearing nonprofessional and rude behavior of staff assigned by testing services which can be called “teasing services.”

Last week, Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) planned to conduct a test in various centers at Hyderabad for the requirement of staff under IT cadre in the department of Sindh Police. They planned to conduct a test in two sections, morning and evening due to the mass volume of the applicants. All of sudden at midnight, they decided to postpone test planned in the morning section. This decision left thousands of applicants in the lurch as a majority of the youth from far-flung parts of interior Sindh had traveled a day before and were staying in Hyderabad.

This has become a rule as tests are announced and postponed on the whims of the testing services staff. They should pity the jobless youth who are facing immense family and society pressure for not finding jobs and the testing services officials cannot imagine how they incur travel and testing fee expenses. The powers that are should not test the rapidly waning resilience and patience of the jobless youth, who run from pillar to post desperately to find a decent job.