ISLAMABAD            -        Pakistan is fighting battles on several fronts including economic, social, and environmental, but there’s one common factor among these; the common man or Pakistanis, they are on the receiving end; the sufferers. In such a situation, where a government that has to cater to a population of more than 220 million, that too with limited resources, it requires helping hands to tackle the aforementioned issues; that’s where NGO’s kick in. 

Several NGOs and INGOs are playing a pivotal role in contributing towards the well-being and countering of issues prevalent in Pakistan. Bunyad foundation is one such name that has been working throughout Pakistan on key areas such as promoting literacy and non-formal education, child rights protection, women empowerment, environment and climate change, minority rights, capacity building, water sanitation and hygiene, and last but not the least promotion of mental health; where the organization has been involved and working vigorously since 1992. 

As a result of the coherent efforts by Bunyad, till date in the field of literacy and non-formal education 498,663 individuals have benefitted from the initiatives. Moreover, 417,756 children have benefitted from the efforts by the foundation in matters related to child rights, which include child labor (brick kiln workers and industry workers) and children being forcefully employed as camel jockeys.