MULTAN            -         Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s lawmakers hailed its government’s two-year performance in different domains including governance, economy and diplomatic affairs despite meeting hard internal and external challenges soon after came into power. 

MNA Ahmad Hussain Dehar said in two years of the rule, PTI government had stabilized economy despite inheriting worst crises. He said it had managed the biggest global COVID-19 threat by adopting timely measures to save health of the people.  

Amongst many, Prime Minister’s ‘Ehsaas Program’ was launched to facilitate disbursement of financial aid to deserving citizens affected by COVID-19, Police Khidmat Markaz on 15th February to facilitate around 9 million overseas Pakistanis and Wheat Procurement Drive 2020 as hallmark successes of incumbent government, said the MNA. 

Further, he said the Government had taken drastic measures to curtail its expenditures by reducing the budgets of the top ministries and offices. Referring the finance minister’s statement, he said that it had not borrowed a single penny from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) during the last two years. 

Member of Punjab Standing committee on Home Affairs, MPA Waseem Khan Badozai said in this regard that there were many programs including Chief Minister’s Insaf Imdad Program, Police Khidmat Markaz Portal, Taleem Ghar - a dynamic online education program for school children, digitization of Wheat & Atta Supply Chain of Food Directorate, Hospital Performance Management System had proved laudable successes of incumbent government during its two-year rule. 

He said under PM’s visionary leadership, the country had improved the service delivery and financial sustainability. He said it had offered South Punjab Development Package to uplift standard of its people. 

According to the package, Bahawalpur and Multan were declared as the headquarters to resolve problems of the inhabitants at their doorstep.