PESHAWAR                  -         Chairman Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah on Saturday criticized the PTI government for its failure to extend any relief to inflation-hit masses during last two years. Presiding over a meeting of party worker, Faiq Shah said the PTI government had failed to provide relief to people, who were being faced with a host of problems.

 He claimed that despite increase in prices of electricity, gas, petroleum products, taxes and daily used commodities, the government could not improve the economic condition of the country. 

The ATP leader said that survey on two years performance of the PTI government showed that majority of people were disappointed with the work of federal cabinet members. 

The ATP Chief said: “Only Sehat Insaf Card is not the right solution of people’s problems. Instead of providing jobs the government is destroying established businesses by enforcing its anti-business policies.” 

Reiterated his resolve, he said his party would continue efforts to make Pakistan a true welfare, democratic and Islamic state.