LAHORE - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday strongly dispelled the impression created by certain reports of Indian media, claiming that Pakistan had admitted presence of certain terrorist elements on its territory.

Terming the Indian media reports as baseless and misleading, an official press statement clarified that the two SROs issued by the ministry on August 18, 2020, were grossly misinterpreted.

According to the statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had issued two consolidated SROs, reflecting the current status of the UN Taliban and ISIL(Da'esh) and AQ Sanctions list. These lists contained the names of individuals and entities designated under the two sanction regimes established pursuant to the UN Security Council resolutions. 

The statement said that the consolidated SROs were issued periodically as a routine matter. Similar SROs had been issued, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the past, as per statutory requirements to meet our international obligations, the statement said.

The SROs issued reflect information contained in the list entry of UN designated individuals/entities.

It was lamented in the statement that the reports in certain sections of media about Pakistan imposing new sanctions measures, through these SROs, were far from reality. The statement also refuted the assertions made by some sections of the Indian media, as to Pakistan admitting to the presence of certain listed individuals on its territory, 

The statement said that the information contained in the SRO was reproduced as per the details in the list entry of the individuals/entities designated under the two sanctions regime, which was also publically available, and contained names of individuals who despite their confirmed deceased status still continued to be on the sanctions list.