Peshawar            -         The Private Education Council (PEC) on Saturday announced to stage a sit-in in Peshawar on September 01 against the government for not allowing private schools to reopen. 

The administration of private educational institutions, teachers, students and their parents will attend the sit-in. It was decided in a meeting of Private Education Council, which was chaired by PEC Convener Fazal Hussain and was attended besides others by PEC Deputy Convener Noor-ul-Qudoos, Mushtaq Kakakhel, Iqra Tahaffuz Taleem (ITT) Provincial President Gul Nabi, District President Amjid Hussain, HOPE Provincial President Aqeel Razzaq, Private Schools’ Association Provincial President Ahmed Ali, APSMA Provincial President Dr Zakir Shah, representatives of private schools from Haripur, Swat, Malakand, Swabi, Mardan, and Takhtbhai. 

Addressing the meeting, ITT President Gul Nabi said keeping educational institutions closed would not benefit anyone, as continuous closure of the institutions was ruining future of our students. 

He said private educational institutions were closed for the last several months, while the government’s indifferent attitude in this regard had further disappointed them. 

Gul Nabi said the government was informed about the difficulties of private educational institutions several times, but it was least bothered to address any of their problems. “Almost all associations of private educational institutions will participate in the sit-in, which will continue till acceptance of their demand,” he maintained.