ISLAMABAD/ KAGHAN            -        Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation will soon launch a 10-year road-map to invigorate tourism industry.

A senior official of PTDC told APP that Prime Minister Imran Khan had okayed National tourism strategy 2020-2030 in a recent meeting to harness the sector’s potential under a multi-pronged strategy.

He said present government, after coming into the power, had assigned this task to PTDC to prepare a comprehensive strategy by engaging tourism experts of public and private sectors.

10 hotels sealed 

After confirmation of 47 new COVID-19 cases in hotel of Kaghan including the entire staff and tourist, the administration sealed 10 hotels of Kaghan. 

According to the Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) officials during the last one week, 800 samples were collected from Kaghan where the entire staff of a hotel found COVID-19 positive while the total number of cases found in the area was 47.

KDA officials confirmed that 10 hotels of Kaghan were sealed after the new wave of Coronavirus positive cases. Health department officials said after confirmation of the samples department would recommend closure of more hotels in the region.