The endorsement of UAE Israel ties has imbued rage and animosity in Muslims all over the world. They are expressing their anger for UAW. Iran, Turkey, and Palestine intend to end their diplomatic relations with UAE.

Through these ties, Washington seems to have won the vice game it has been playing with innocent Palestinians for decades. These ties seemed to be a trump card to giveaway Palestine to Netanyahu. This agreement will crush the Palestinian’s right to self-determination. Unfortunately, UAE has now become the third Arab country, after Jordan and Egypt, to accept Israel and compromise on the innocent lives of Palestinians. This is not the first time UAE administration has compromised on Muslim lives and annexation of Muslim territories.

This is the same UAE who awarded Narendra Modi with the Nobel Peace Award. UAE is highly mistaken in feigning that Israel will leave its policy to annex Palestine, sooner or later, Netanyahu administration will clutch this territory. Almost all the Muslim countries have condemned this normalization of relations between UAE and Israel. Let’s see further where the future of poor Palestinians is destined.