ISLAMABAD          -         Vinnie Jones has revealed he’s seeing a psychologist three times a week to help him cope with his grief after losing wife Tanya to skin cancer in 2019. The actor, 62, spoke candidly about seeking counselling in an interview, as he detailed his struggle following the one-year anniversary of Tanya’s tragic death. Explaining that things began to weigh down on him and impact his mental health, he said: ‘I thought I was doing OK, and then the anniversaries of Tans’s death and our daughter Kaley’s birthday were approaching and it was like somebody just drained the life out of me.’ Of how counselling has helped, he said: ‘What I’ve learnt with grief management is that you can’t hold it in. It’ll eat you alive. It will destroy you if you don’t let it out.’ Vinnie went on to say that it was important to ‘give yourself a couple of hours’ when feeling overwhelmed, because ‘otherwise it’s going to break you.’