"Lahore Transport Company to be overhauled", says a new item in your issue of the 14th December 2008. It is, no doubt, very thoughtful of our Chief Minister to be paying attention to this issue but, in my opinion, it won't be of much help to anyone. Firstly, hiring professionals in the board of directors is not as important as having professionally trained drivers; who can assure passengers of a safe journey. Secondly, far too much priority is being paid to the issues like ordering of buses, registration of company, setting routes and fares, etc, etc, whereas the all-important issue of solving the present logjam of traffic in the city being ignored altogether. Starting another new bus service will just add to the humongous, metallic monstrosities crowding the roads of Lahore at present. So, why not reform the present transport companies instead of re-inventing the wheel? -SADIA KHALID, Lahore, via e-mail, December 14.