KARACHI-Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said here on Monday that the entire nation was united to defend the country against any aggression and that it was in safe hands. 'All the political forces whether inside or outside the Parliament, people of Pakistan, the govt and Army were fully united for the defence of the country', he saids. Addressing the '32nd FPCCI export awards' at a local hotel here on Monday, he made it clear that Pakistan does not want war because it was neither in favour of Pakistan nor it would benefit India. Sindh Governor Dr Ishartul Ibad Khan, Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Minister of Textile and Industry Rana Muhammad Farooq were also present on the occasion. 'Our Army is the best trained force while it has capability to protect the borders of the country', he said, adding, that Pakistan Army was also pro-democratic. All the political leaders in the Parliament as well as outside the Parliament have shown unity in defending their motherland in case of any misadventure by the neighbouring country, he added. Replying to a question about the recent threatening statements by Indian govt officials, he said that the govt was aware of the challenges and fully committed to defend the borders. He hoped that the country will achieve the export target of $22 billion dollars in current fiscal. He also assured the business community that the govt will ensure the representation of FPCCI in govt organisations such as OGRA, WAPDA and other institutions. The PM admitted that law and order and terrorism are severe problems while his govt is addressing these issues on priority basis. Govt was applying three-pronged strategy to combat terrorism in the country as one suicide bomb deters investors and triggers flight of capital, he said. He said that under the second strategy the govt was trying to eliminate poverty, unemployment and backwardness through uplift projects as these problems were the root cause of terrorism and worsening law and order and using the deterrence and military drive was the last option against the terrorists who were harming the govt assets, attacking the military and burning girls schools and CD shops in Tribal Areas. He further said the govt has made strategy to control the fiscal, trade deficit and stabilise the foreign reserves. On this occasion, Senior Minister for Commerce and Trade Makhdoom Amin Fahim said that his Ministry was preparing a comprehensive proposal for expansion of exports under which relief would be suggested for the industries and the agriculture sectors. Meanwhile, Prime Minister distributed shields and gold medals among the exporters of various sectors who showed outstanding performance. APP adds: Talking of the economy, the Prime Minister said that govt has convinced the IMF to provide an emergency loan to restore investors confidence. 'The IMF facility was the only viable option at the moment to move forward for economic stabilisation, containing inflation, building up foreign reserves and arresting budgetary deficit', he said. He said the govt was developing a long term strategy to address economic challenges by way of focussing on education, vocational skills, healthcare, infrastructural development, energy sector and problems of water shortage.