On every December 17th, the media starts reminding the viewers that tragedy of 1971 happened because West Pakistanis were discriminating against East Pakistanis. We hear a lot of rhetoric of deprivation but not a thing is heard against Agartala Conspiracy case which was based on facts. In the early 50s, an Israeli agent was caught in East Pakistan propagating hatred against Punjab. He was duly expelled from the country but by then, the damage had been done. Unfortunately, the government in those days failed to realise gravity of the situation and did not take any action to counter the separatist propaganda. The result of that lapse was Bangladesh becoming a country. I think Islamabad should publish The Agartala Conspiracy case in full, on every 17th December. And there should be a booklet on this conspiracy which should also be put on sale. It is important because the same (Zionist) conspiracy is going on in Balochistan and Sindh. The propaganda against Punjab has already started. Only actors are different this time and the present government is doing nothing to counter this conspiracy. The media is also doing a disservice to the country by supporting separatists. The world as it is, a strong, nuclear Pakistan is the best security for every Pakistani. If something happened to this country, we will all be ruined and will have no future at all. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, December 16.