KARACHI - KSE board has failed to take any decision for giving relief to the brokers currently trapped in the CFS market because of legalities involved in this issue, The Nation learnt on Monday. "We discussed the matter but could not take any decision due to compound legalities involved in this issue", a KSE member said. Earlier, a meeting of the KSE Board of Directors' was held late on Sunday night, which discussed different options with the consultations of the stakeholders for giving assistance to the CFS investors. The board also considered starting a member protection fund and payment of losses to the members from this fund. The KSE board, however, could not take any ultimate decision, said the KSE member. Meanwhile, the court has ruled that the NCCPL would be allowed to square up CFS MK-II positions and liquidate the securities furnished by the plaintiffs. The court also directed the plaintiffs to provide a bank guarantee of Rs7b by Monday.