LAHORE - The suicide note of Sub-Inspector Sufi Waris Ali, which is key evidence, has not been yet returned to the victim's family, The Nation reliably learnt. The note could be vital for doing justice in this particular case. The suicide note, carrying last statement and considered a will of the deceased Sub-Inspector, was taken into custody by a senior police officer of Cantonment Division Police when he visited the scene where SI committed suicide. A police source said that the policemen present at the time of incident informed the senior police officer about a suicide note left behind by SI Sufi Waris. The police officer thoroughly read the note in which the SI had written reasons behind suicide besides narrating some insulting remarks of the DIG Investigation, which he made in the course of an inquiry. The police officer quietly put the suicide note in his pocket and left the scene, the sources revealed. "He not only put the note in his pocket but also two blank papers carrying impression of the writing of suicide note of Sub-Inspector Waris Ali", they said. These two blank papers were placed under the paper on which the suicide note was written by the deceased, the sources further revealed. A police officer told this scribe seeking anonymity that the suicide note could be used by the victim family as a supportive documents in the legal proceeding if a case is registered on the complaint of the deceased's family. The Nation has also reliably learnt that Sufi Waris Ali took extreme step of suicide when his boss refused to accept his claim that the accused he was investigating was innocent. He was investigating the FIR got registered by a woman of Baghbanpura namely Shahida Bibi against the accused Zafar Iqbal of same area for issuing her a blank guarantee cheque, which was later declared bogus by the concerned bank officials. A police source said that during course of investigation, the accused claimed that he had not issued any cheque to the complainant woman. He informed the Investigation Officer Sufi Waris that his chequebook was misused by some people. Two women of Baghbanpura area namely Nasreen and Aneela had got money Rs350,000 from the complainant Shahda Bibi and did not return the said amount on the promised time period, he informed to the IO. He expressed his doubt over the said two women. The police sources said that SI Sufi Waris later contacted the bank administration and also submitted the case to the Forensic Science Laboratory to verify the signature of the accused man Zafar Iqbal. The officials of the said two departments confirmed that the signatures of the accused on the cheque are not genuine. On the basis of the reports of the bank and the laboratory, IO Waris later held the accused of the case Zafar Iqbal innocent in his investigations, the sources maintained. DIG Investigation Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera expressed his displeasure when the IO Waris Ali informed him whole the investigation proceedings, which were not in the favour of the compliant woman Shahda Bibi but the DIG was not happy over this and taunted Sub-Inspector Waris Ali for giving undue favour to accused of case Zafar Iqbal. The DIG later directed the SP Investigation Cantt Abdul Rab Chaudhry to take stern action against Waris Ali. The disappointed police official took it on heart and later ended his life at the police station leaving a suicide note behind.